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Hello, my name is Terrance and this is blog details everything I have learnt about recreation and sports in the last year or so. I have always been a bit of a couch potato, but last year when I spent a long weekend with my son-in-law, he got me up from the TV chair and out and about. He owns a boat which is docked in Sydney harbour. We spent a day sailing on the sea and fishing. It was the first time I had done it and I loved it. Since then, I have started to get more involved and I can't wait to see what sport he intorduces me to next!


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Boating and Fishing


4 Reasons to Opt for Synthetic Grass for Your Tennis Court

Unlike natural grass, synthetic tuff has some superior qualities making it more popular for residential, sports complexes and recreational facilities. Property owners want easier to maintain courts and those that resemble as natural as possible. That's because it allows them to enjoy playtime similar to natural grass. Furthermore, synthetic grass tennis courts are more convenient and affordable to maintain than natural grass courts. Their numerous advantages make artificial grass a more preferred option for tennis courts, including;