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Hello, my name is Terrance and this is blog details everything I have learnt about recreation and sports in the last year or so. I have always been a bit of a couch potato, but last year when I spent a long weekend with my son-in-law, he got me up from the TV chair and out and about. He owns a boat which is docked in Sydney harbour. We spent a day sailing on the sea and fishing. It was the first time I had done it and I loved it. Since then, I have started to get more involved and I can't wait to see what sport he intorduces me to next!


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Boating and Fishing

Why a Tennis Court Is Ideal for Your Retirement Community

by Pamela Bennett

Whether you're planning the construction of a retirement village from scratch or you're renovating an existing community, it's important to carefully consider which sports facilities to have on-site. Even the most active seniors have ageing bodies that can be damaged by certain sports. If you're in the process of selecting sport options, why not opt for tennis court construction? Here are just a few reasons why tennis courts could be the ideal choice for your retirement community.

It Reduces the Risk of Age-Related Illnesses

Two of the biggest health problems affecting seniors are cardiovascular disease (which affects 35% of seniors aged 55 to 64 and 62% of seniors over 75) and osteoporosis (which affects 11% of men and 27% of women over 60). Tennis is one sport that can reduce the risk of your residents developing both of these illnesses. Tennis is known to prevent heart disease by improving oxygen intake, increasing heart volume and improving blood flow, and raising good cholesterol levels. It prevents osteoporosis and bone fractures by increasing bone density, reducing weight gain, and training seniors to have good balance, agility and coordination, which can prevent falls. Alongside ensuring your residents are in good health, helping residents to reduce their own risk of illness can help you save money if your retirement community provides medical, assisted living or care services.

It Improves Mental Health

Declining mental health is one reason many seniors choose to enter a retirement community. Whether they're suffering cognitive issues or simply depression, your ageing residents will benefit greatly from playing tennis. First of all, like many sports, tennis is a fun, social activity that boosts players' moods and reduces stress. Alongside this, it also requires and develops thinking, creativity and coordination skills to help delay degenerative cognitive disorders and maintain healthy brain function.

It Attracts Residents to Your Community

When it comes to attracting residents to your retirement community, the more amenities and facilities you have, the better. Like any sports venue, a set of tennis courts will make your community more attractive to seniors looking for a retirement village. When you list the benefits stated above, having tennis courts on-site could be enough to push potential residents on the fence to join your community. In addition, tennis courts will be especially enticing for active and able seniors, which is great for communities looking to reduce spending by attracting more residents who won't need special care.