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Hello, my name is Terrance and this is blog details everything I have learnt about recreation and sports in the last year or so. I have always been a bit of a couch potato, but last year when I spent a long weekend with my son-in-law, he got me up from the TV chair and out and about. He owns a boat which is docked in Sydney harbour. We spent a day sailing on the sea and fishing. It was the first time I had done it and I loved it. Since then, I have started to get more involved and I can't wait to see what sport he intorduces me to next!


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Boating and Fishing

The 3 Major Benefits of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

by Pamela Bennett

Synthetic grass tennis courts have grown in popularity. They are widely used in athletic fields, homes, and various recreational centres. Most home owners and recreational centres will want a court that is easy to care and maintain at the same time be as natural as possible to make the play similar to grass. Synthetic grass is also opted for most sports centres due to its convenience and less costly demands. Look at the various advantages of synthetic grass tennis courts over their counterparts.

Consistency in its Surface Texture

With synthetic grass tennis courts, there is literally no change in thickness or pile height. The texture of its surface is consistent no matter how extreme the overlying weather conditions are and how often the court is used. The nature of grass texture of any tennis court is very important because of the movement that takes place by the tennis ball and players on the court. This involves the ability to comfortably count the texture of the court at all levels, which is necessary to control the quality of the game and avoid injuries by players on the court.

Offers a Uniform Bounce and Ball Play

The tennis sport widely relies on how well the ball bounces on the surface of the court. For this to be achieved, the texture of the playing field must be uniform and consistent. Players rely on how well the ball bounces off from the court after each shot. With this ability, synthetic grass tennis courts allow players to effectively plan their strategy and prepare well for each of their consecutive shots. Maintenance of sufficient ball controls will allow the players to keep the ball in for a longer time which does not only make the game interesting but increases the players' performance and overall skill.  

Rarely Shows Signs of Wear and Tear

Tennis players always pivot, drive, and stop with a constant and exact precision. The movements can weaken natural grass making it to wear away. Imperfections eventually arise on the surface of the court which may lead to a player twisting or tripping an ankle.  Synthetic grass tennis courts offer more resilience and do not display normal signs of wear and tear that are seen on many other types like grass courts. They do not show bare soil nor does the grass wear thin with dead spots.

In addition, synthetic grass tennis courts have very minimal maintenance demands due to their durability.